Friday, January 9, 2009

Menace Ruine - The Die is Cast (2008)

"The Die is Cast finds Menace Ruine eschewing the howling vocals and blast beats of their debut album, instead replacing them with majestic songs based around the vocal style of Genviève and the anthemic medieval music that bares much more resemblance to Neo-Folk than Black Metal." - Label. That's fairly accurate, however they forgot to mention the huge martial influence. All in all, noisy martial with the odd distorted metal riff. Geneviève's vocals bring something quite brilliant to the mix, and do give the music quite a majestic feel.

Label - Alien8 Recordings

Geneviève - Vocals, Instruments, Lyrics
S. de La Moth - - Vocals, Instruments


1 One Too Many
2 This Place of Power
3 The Die is Cast
4 Surface Vessel
5 Dismantling
6 Utterly Destitute
7 The Bosom of the Earth

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