Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aere Aeturnus - Humanity Needs No Funeral [2008]

01. Overture - Conspiracy Of Rats
02. Humanity Needs No Funeral
03. Rituel Pathologique (everything that never heals)
04. Conjuration Employed Towards Invocation Of Lust And Destruction
05. Life Is Nothing But A Parody
06. Intermission - Transit To Chaos
07. Brotherhood Of The 7th Day (Das ist der Todesking. Er macht, daß die Menschen nicht mehr leben wollen...)
08. Final Words Before Cosmic Silence
09. No God Intervention
10. Hatred To My Last Breath
11. Epilogue - Not Exactly Reinventing The Wheel

"Humanity Needs No Funeral", the first full-length album from AERE AETERNUS, was released on the French label Kaosthetik. With a multi-national and eclectic lineup, the band comprises Alex (MACABRE OMEN, THE ONE, RAZOR OF OCCAM), Claudio Alcara (FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, STROSZEK), Cyr (DARK SANCTUARY, ELKTRONIK SCIETY) and Radu. Drawing on the wide range and considerable musical experience of its members, AERE AETERNUS creates a dark, disturbing atmosphere that probably best fits within the ambient and minimalist genres, and which the band themselves describe as "half misanthropic ritual and half sex ritual."

The dominant atmosphere combines a sense of impending insanity with sexual deviancy and a large dollop of occultism, creating a dark and troubling misanthropic sojourn that is relatively unique. The final track is probably the most musical, as it is centred on a guitar arpeggio, but no such concessions to convention are present elsewhere on this deeply troubling disk. The accompanying video of "Invocation" shows a Satanic ritual in all its kitchsy glory. Recommended for those looking for something a bit darker than the usual Cold Meat entities.


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