Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Elegi - Varde [2009]

1 Varde (2:17)
2 Skrugard (6:38)
3 Svanesang (6:15)
4 Arveslov (2:38)
5 Drivis (5:23)
6 Uranienborg (5:07)
7 Fandens Bre (4:31)
8 Skyggespill (2:05)
9 Angekok (4:25)
10 Rak (6:42)
11 Sovnens Kvelertak (3:34)
12 Den Store Hvite Stillhet (4:17)

"Varde" tells the story of the pioneer polar explorers who risked their lives to go to some of the most hostile places on earth, to 'triumph', over the elements. The music explores the feelings those brave men must have felt, as they went into the unknown, well aware that they might never see their families again. Ice cold winds and blizzards, creaking ice, stormy waters, constant hunger, isolation, disease and death, provide the basis for the music, depicting the immensity and scale of these great white landscapes.



320 kbps


Anonymous said...

magical! love this white bleak landscape stuff.. truth's is it's very intriguing as music, all sorts of over and undertones, like a silent movie, or a twilight movie, only better, and dare i say it, relaxing, in a peculiarly zen way, this blog shimmies, totally!! zenwarrior

Anonymous said...

To zenwarrior:
if you love the 'glacial ambient' style, try "Deep Frieze" by Sleep Research Facility - its an utter masterpiece in this vein, and I daresay a new classic...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new album!

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