Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lupercalia - Soehrimnir [2000]

1 Il Colchico Affranto / Gli Elfi Gioiosi
2 Stil Composito
3 Il Pianto Di Giulietta
4 Notturno Da Barca
5 Canto Bruno
6 Il Lamento Di Trissino
7 Marcia Per Nostradama
8 Normandia (New Version)
9 Interludio
10 La Malincolia Di Schalken
11 La Danza Del Guiscardo
12 Tarantata Di Taberna
Lupercalia’s early days date back to 1999, when the duo made up of classical guitarist Riccardo Prencipe and violinist Pierangelo Fevola started experimenting various arrangements based around Riccardo’s music, using inspiration from several artistic and literary sources.

The concept of transforming visual imagery into sound was persued by the duo since its inception - through their compositions, theatric images of ancient and popular life were reborn, often through the aid of additional synthesizers and samples, as well as self-made replicas of ancient instruments, which allowed this Italian project to achieve a peculiar formula that translated Gothic and Baroque music into a contemporary language through both modern and old instrumentation.


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