Thursday, May 29, 2008

Various - The Absolute Supper [1998]

1.01 In Slaughter Natives INRI... Raped By The Cross (8:36)
1.02 Protagonist, The Imitation (4:43)
1.03 Protagonist, The Zoroaster (5:51)
1.04 Ordo Equilibrio The Perplexity Of Hybris. I Glorify Myself (4:31)
1.05 Sanctum {-} (4:09)
1.06 Puissance Love Incinerate (5:16)
1.07 Arcana Winds Of The Lost Soul (4:35)
1.08 Mortiis Child Of Curiosity & The Old Man Of Knowledge (5:42)
1.09 Desiderii Marginis Chaos Undivided (4:12)
1.10 Sephiroth R'lyeh (9:21)
1.11 raison d'être The Verge Of Somnolence (6:45)
1.12 Hazard Who Blew Out The Northern Lights? (5:50)
2.01 Brighter Death Now I Wish I Was A Little Girl (9:41)
2.02 Frozen Faces Zyklon B Doll (5:53)
2.03 Mz.412 N.B.S. Act 1 - Begravning (5:34)
2.04 Megaptera Don't Desecrate The Dead (6:31)
2.05 Deutsch Nepal Logo (9:37)
2.06 Nacht Svartsinn (8:12)
2.07 Archon Satani A Time Of Ruin (6:19)
2.08 Ildfrost Hearts Perturbe (5:07)
2.09 Ildfrost Slept Awake (2:15)
2.10 Cintecele Diavolui The Devil Must Kill (5:50)
In general, the artists signed on Cold Meat Industry are all either from Sweden, or in a few instances from other Scandinavian countries. The musical output of the label is fittingly dark, often obsessed with the occult and/or "politically incorrect," and almost always of a highly unique and individual character. The sounds of the individual artists range from classical and folk to dark experimental and "industrial" music. On this compilation, the sequence of tracks seems to have been arranged so that the first CD features more of the label's folk and classically oriented musicians, while the second CD plunges into the realm of electronic or industrial "death" music.

Comes with a 24-page and a 12-page booklet.


CD 1
CD 2
256 kbps

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