Sunday, February 8, 2009

Position Parallèle - Position Parallèle [2008]

1 Hotel Du Nord (4:01)
2 Tes Lèvres... / Passe Les Portes (8:27)
3 Gorge "Arachnée" (2:57)
4 Je Reviendrai (2:44)
5 Émission (4:32)
6 Fortune (2:57)
7 Si Calme (4:23)
8 Une Erreur (5:51)

The cold electronic side project of Derniere Volonte, a sentimental melancholic journey into the early 80's. The charming voice and the minimalistic dreams will make you move your feet even more than during a Derniere Volonte gig! First eponym album, coming with 8 tracks, to present this first step into the big sphere of surrealism, cold love & lonely despair.


320 kbps


Anonymous said...

Have really been enjoying this one. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Link down.

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