Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blackfilm - Blackfilm [2008]

1. Come & See (7:04)
2. Interference (7:13)
3. Untitled (2:17)
4. Stalingrad (10:11)
5. Sonar (5:58)
6. Five Years (4:16)
7. Midnight To 4 AM (4:35)
8. Mahabharata (5:25)
9. Atlantikend (8:02)

Spectraliquid's second release is the very first full-length album of this incredibly talented artist who experts in combining modern day electronic music with classical music references, while remaining absolutely original.Down-tempo cinematic beats and melodies portrayed in a dark, atmospheric environment moving from fearsome, lonely frames to chaotic feelings of urban self-destruction... Blackfilm has created an ideal soundtrack for film-noir movie scores of the finest quality, delivered in a unique mixture of ambient, downtempo, orchestral music...


320 kbps

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