Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hecq - Night Falls [2008]

1 Night Falls (4:52)
2 Never Leave (5:43)
3 Dis (6:08)
4 Dis (Reverberation) (1:52)
5 Bending Time (4:56)
6 Aback (3:08)
7 Come Home (5:14)
8 Giants (6:04)
9 Magnetism (6:58)
10 Red Sky (3:52)
11 Above (4:48)
12 I Am You (9:12)


Brilliant album from this previously IDM-based project.
2008 wasn't the best year for dark ambient, but I see this as easily the best dark ambient album released last year and one of the best in the past several years.

320 kbps


Anonymous said...

wrong link.

Anonymous said...

Change the download link please... is the one from Ostara's Kingdom Gone.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

hell'o think you upload 2times the same link this one goes to ostara!!?
anyway thanks, and any more caul out there, or his project Tertium Non Data?!!!!greatz and see you!

k said...


It looks like the link on the Hecq post actually links to the previous Ostara one.

I just discovered this page... thank you. It's great!

Liam Liener said...

There is a problem with the link : it downloads the ostara's file. Can you redirect the link, please ?

regards & thanx for all.


SolitaryEve said...


Knife in the Toaster said...

This is a fantastic album; thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I love yor blog!

Anonymous said...

link -->> error -->> :(

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