Sunday, February 22, 2009

Various - Cynfeirdd Magazine: Issue 18th - Neither Beginning nor End [2005]

1: RICHARD MOULT - A Night Sky
2: ALBIREON - It Sole Nero
3: KINOVIA - Revelation of Archangel (demo)
4: -DUPARC - A Nesting Garden
5: WOLFSBLOOD - Voluspa
6: HERR - The Fall of Constantinople
7: GAE BOLG - La Marche des Morts
8: PAVILLON 7B - black Generation

This is the last compilation that i have from Cynfeirdd, so enjoy.
Limited edition of 555 hand numbered copies on card bord. Summer 2005.

p.s. Solitaryeve, why dont you change the background of the blog? its very similar to Blodvargr, i dont like it...

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Witheringvisions said...

Ecopagan - The current stylesheet is not permanent. SE has a better one ready to go but needs to wait until blogger have fixed some bug before it can be implemented

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