Sunday, February 22, 2009

Klabautamann - Der Ort (2005)

"Of the 8 tracks on offer on Klabautamann's latest long player, 6 of them follow largely the same formula: tremolo-picked Black Metal riffs and blasting, interspersed with some quite laid back acoustic folk playing and mid-paced melodic sections. They are able to effortlessly change between these different styles, which makes each track individually diverse but still cohesive, as the changes are rarely abrupt and flow smoothly. The melodies of the tremolo riffs are all very flowing, having a kind of rolling feel like a lake on a windy day, counter pointed by the aforementioned acoustic sections which have a strong earthy feel. This earthiness is really the overall feel of the album, and all aspects work together to achieve it; Der Ort is a really nature inspired album, with the production, songwriting and the tone of the instruments all coming together to this end." - The Metal Crypt

Label: Heavy Horses Records

Line up:

Tim Steffens - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Florian Toyka - Guitars, Bass


1 Der Ort
2 Forlorn Sea
3 Winternacht
4 The River
5 Waldschrat
6 Red Urn
7 The Wanderer
8 October

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