Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All Sides - Dedalus [2007]

1 The Idea (5:33)
2 They Come By Night (4:01)
3 Luv (3:39)
4 Dedalus (6:59)
5 The Unfinished End Of H.W. (5:26)
6 Mistake (2:53)
7 Against The Sun (5:07)
8 Runaway (5:54)
9 Icarus (4:08)
10 Into The Sea (4:48)
11 Stay (5:15)

All Sides pull a Two Gallants on this latest album, going for that smarter-than-thou James Joyce reference (the album draws its name from the Stephen Dedalus character of Ulysses). Although they might belong to the same book club, musically All Sides (aka Bremen's Nina Kernicke) could hardly be further removed from the Texan troubadours: this album is a distinctly dystopic application of technology and post-industrial electronics. Heck, album opener 'The Idea' sounds a bit like the theme music from The Terminator, while more beat-driven pieces like 'They Come By Night' and 'Icarus' sound like they might have been penned to soundtrack an episode of Spooks. Kernicke's production work is at its best on tracks like 'Luv' and 'Mistake', however, when it takes on a creepy ambience of Lustmord proportions. Lovely. ~ Boomkat



320 kbps


Anonymous said...

how come there's only 8 songs in the folder when there are 11 in the list?

SolitaryEve said...

My mistake... new link posted.

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