Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nest - Trail of the Unwary (2007)

A modern classic of ambient/neofolk. Mandatory.

"A hidden pool amidst the woods where the otters come to play, an owl's faint call echoing through the woods, sparkling waterfalls and vast snowcovered landscapes where the reindeer folk and wolves hold their domain. These are only some of the things with the atmosphere Nest strives to capture.
As you can see, nature - our wondrous Godgiven playground, fantasy and more precisely fables are the fluid that courses through Nest's veins. Old folk and animal tales as well as the works of Brothers Grimm and Tolkien, to name a few, have been the roots of great inspiration. " - Nest

Label: Corvus Records


A. Tolonen – Kantele, synths, didgeridoo, voice, composition/lyrics, visual art
T. Saxell – Vocals, bass guitar


1 Moonbow
2 Claw and Fang
3 Kontio
4 Hunt
5 The Mire
6 The Turning of the Tides
7 Across the Waters

Available for purchase from both Nest and from the label. Support!

Bitrate - V2

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