Thursday, June 12, 2008

Galerie Schallschutz - HAARP [2002]

1- Greetings From Gakona
2- Extremely Low Frequency
3- Skybuster
4- Electronic Rain
5- Slicing The Ionosphere
6- Ionospheric Research Instrument
7- Pulsed Radio Waves Radiation
8- Angels Don't Play This HA(A)RP
9- How It Sounds...

This is the first release from this German project. A concept album based around H.A.A.R.P. (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), on purpose to denounce the deliberate misinformation campaign surounding this US governement project.Officially it is presented as an academical project to change the ionosphere to improve global communications. But it appears that a secret weapon is being developped in this secret military base in Alaska. This system uses sound frequencies to manipulate weather pattern, disrupt communication systems, disrupt human mental proccesses and to negatively affect health.Accordingly, GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ use deep pulsed frequencies, manipulated interferences, electromagnetic sounds that are layered and repeated to create a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Each drawn-out ambient track is the aural illustration of the different capacities of this secret star wars weapon that are described in detail in the notes acompanying this release. The last track is a short excerpt of a HAARP-Signal recorded in San Jose, California; situated 5,000 miles away from the transmitter in Gakona, Alaska.A well researched and informative released that will interest those who have an interest for conspiracy theories and those who still want to think and who still can think...
(some words taken from the defunct Heimdllar Webzine)

The sound is on Experimental Dark Ambient Noise territory, this is a great work :)

Limited edition of 100 copies in a special handnumbered triangular metal box. Included is a 2-sided triangular info sheet. A regular edition of this release comes in a clear embossed DVD jewel box.

p.s. If you like this say something and comment, and i will post other works of this project.

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