Sunday, June 1, 2008

...The Soil Bleeds Black - The Kingdom Its Fey [1996]

1- Odde Feormie
2- Bite Irena, Wide Feran
3- The Village Courtyard
4- Annwyfn
5- At That Fiery Pond
6- Burh Stede Beated
7- Behold Thou My Crest
8 - To Thy Queen
9 - Atop Mount Snowdon
10- Fig & Jig in the Miller's Tavern
11- The Charm of Making
12- Ecce, Victoria
13- Redivivus 'Ole Norwich, the Triumph of Horamane
14- Dragone Arte
15- Dance O' Lord & Lady
16- He Shall Be King
17- A Hymn to Dechtire
18- Because the World Is So Untrue, I Go My Way So Full of Ru
19- Adieu, and off to Battle
20- The Stolen Princess Sleep
21- Summoning the Dragons of Wyth
22- The Greenest Hilltop
23- Distillation of Lady Luna in the Vessel
24- Homonuculus
25 - They Take Their Own Path Home

Edition in Digipak CD / Gatefold 2 x 12" Vinyl LP.
(The LP edition of this album features five bonus tracks :
Under the Willow ;The Goblin Grove ;I Am an Ancient Emerald Forest ;Bloeddwydd ;BattleRam!.And is presented in a lavish gatefold sleeve with additional separate sleeves
that meet together to form a pictorial diorama)
The Kings of Neo-Medieval :)

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