Thursday, June 26, 2008

WestWind - The Bunker [2002]

1- Intro
2- All Shared Once
3- Traitor My Love
4- Kill Again
5- Transmission
6- In The Bunker
7- Steelnights (Raw Latot)
8- Entracte
9- Blood Sun And Steel
10- Wannsee
11- Kill
12- Time To Die
13- Outro
14- Han Som Reiste (original music by Varg Vikernes)
15- Steelnights (Matières & Mémoire Panzermix)
16- Der Angriff (Neon Rain Cold Cutmix)

Westwind is a musical project from the French post-industrial scene, created by Kris G (pseudonym of Christophe Gales). It mixes influences from Martial Industrial, Post-Industrial, Dark Ambient and Neoclassical.

Westwind started in 1999 by releasing self-produced and hand-made CDR on its own label Black Sun Rising, which was dissolved in 2002 to leave the place to the new label Steelwork Maschine in 2003, that he creates with Serge Usson of the bands Neon Rain and Storm of Capricorn.
Recorded between 1999 and 2001, between Brest and Paris.
Strictly Limited to 499 copies.

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