Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oda Relicta - Czarstvo Dukha [2008]

1 Czarstvo Dukha (2:31)
2 Alleluya (4:21)
3 Barvinok (4:17)
4 Sanctus (5:57)
5 Ochi, Yak More (4:15)
6 Barvinok Kvitne (4:28)
7 Benedictus (1:59)
8 O Ne Stelysya, Khreshchatyy Barvinku (5:49)
9 Braterstvo + Materynstvo (2:53)
10 Svyataya Svyatykh (3:32)
11 Lacrima + Rosa (6:04
Less then a year after the well-received debut album 'The Crown & The Plough' (NRP16), Olegh Kolyada presents his sophomore album. 'Czarstvo Dukha' shows us the other side of Oda Relicta. Heavily inspired by archival sacral recordings, this album stands far from the bombastic music presented on the debut. Eleven tranquil neofolk compositions will take you on a spiritual journey. The entire album is enriched with sopranos, classical instruments and that special Ukrainian local flair.
Oda Relicta was assisted on this recording by Albireon, Lonsai Maikov and Dissonant Elephant, surely not unknown to the neofolk connaisseurs.

Digipack cd edition limited to 500 copies.


vbr ~173 kbps

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