Wednesday, June 4, 2008

...The Soil Bleeds Black - March Of The Infidels [1997]

1- Sound The Trumpet
2- In Days Of Victory
3- The Journey Is Not Yet Over
4- Autumn Call
5- Woodnymphs in the Hazel Patch
6- Ceilidh
7- The Bog
8 - We Wave Our Flags In Triumph
9 - Meade For All (In The Pub)
10- Preparations For The Royal Feast
11- Avalon (Shores And Seas)
12- Our Flames Have Never Died
13- The Bard's Tale
14- The Kingdom Thereafter
15- Leave Now Soldier
16- Armed To The Teeth

On their second opus TSBB continue where they left off on " The Kingdom & its Fey (already post on the blog). Synthetic medieval sounds and various samples bring the listener back in time to the bloody battles of the Crusades, the lusty pubs full of drunks, and to the mystical realm of Arthur and his court. This album features a special guest appearance by Cernunnos’ Woods, on track "The Bard's Tale".
Edition in Digipak CD

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