Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ah Cama-Sotz - Declaration of Innocence [2008]

1 When Dreams Collide (7:30)
2 Voices From The Dark (Silentium) (6:43)
3 Warszawa (6:57)
4 Decline Of The Roman Empire (5:16)
5 Lines Are Sacred (8:58)
6 Isfahan (7:21)
7 Akhirah (4:38)
8 Offering | Sacrifice (6:28)
9 Declaration Of Innocence † Aralim (10:38)

Limited numbered edition of 500 copies in a metal box!
Exactly one year after the highly acclaimed 'Dead Cities' the
man who we know better as Ah Cama-Sotz (Batman to his friends)
presents a new album on his own Bats and Cats label. Hidden
inside a metal CD-case lies the 'Declaration of Innocence',
guarded by the characteristic circular logo of the Bat.
In ten tracks Ah Cama-Sotz tells the story of a journey - how
your soul is transported into another dimension. Events on this
journey involve a certain 'Sacrifice' as instructed by 'Voices
from the Dark', a visit to 'Warszawa' and - albeit from a
distance - watch the 'Decline of the Roman Empire'.
And like a true journey, the view out of the window is gorgeous.
Varied and dynamic as we have gotten to know the talent of our
tour-conductor. There are moments of deep dub with heavily
distorted guitars, ambient neo-classical soundscapes, Arabian,
as well as ritualistic influences. And the additional vocals of
Fleur Pierets turn the rockiest mountain into the garden of eden.
With 'Declaration of innocence' Ah Cama-Sotz succeeds again in
delivering an album which completely fucks up the inside of your
head and therefore changes your perspective of a world filled
with blood, guilt, sin and innocence.

vbr ~204 kbps

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