Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bosse - Echoes of The Forgotten [2008]

01. I (3:06)
02. II (6:34)
03. III (4:34)
04. IV (5:08)
05. V (4:37)
06. VI (9:10)

After a few private and published demo recordings, Brooklyn-based Richard Bosse delivers
his debut album. After an impressive third demo - the first one to be made public - Bosse has now taken things to a whole superior level in terms of emotional rendition through the bleakest form of acoustic funeral folk. All you will find here is melancholy, nostalgia and voluntary isolation from all that is human. Makes you wonder if this was created by someone living on the same planet.
This work of seclusion truly is the fiddler’s tune of our funeral to come.

A5 digipack limited to 100 copies with booklet.
Also released as in a standard jewel case edition.


320 kbps


Kaav Maan Kwaan said...

So much great and interesting music... that I'll never hear, as long as keeps breaking off every one of my downloads after a couple of megabytes. Don't understand why it does that -- hope it gets better soon 'cause I don't like missing out on the good stuff. Keep up the good work, though -- great blog!

SolitaryEve said...

That's strange, have you tried using a different browser? Sorry that it's giving you problems.
Here's an alternate link:

Kaav Maan Kwaan said...

Works fine today. I can't tell what was the problem exactly -- just does that every once in a while... Thanks a lot for your extra effort, though! I'm enjoying your blog a lot, learning about all that terrific music. Bless ye!

4 Non Blogs said...

Thanks for this. I really liked the demo and was interested to hear the new one. If it's half as good I'll be picking this up.

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