Monday, October 27, 2008

Orplid - Greifenherz [2008]

1 Falken-Eid I
2 Luzifer
3 Schwertgesang
4 ...
5 Totenesche
6 Myrmidonenklage
7 Des Sperbers Geheimnis
8 ...
9 Schlaf im Mohn
10 Traum von Blashyrkh
11 ...
12 Der Anarchist
13 Gesang an den Horusfalken
14 Falken-Eid II

Two and a half years after “Sterbender Satyr”, Orplid are back with their fourth studio album “Greifenherz”.
In contrast to their previous outing, this album is filled with pathos, a belligerent and archaic piece of work.
“Greifenherz” is informed with a surprisingly hostile and cold atmosphere - a partially menacing and martial sound Orplid haven’t applied since some of the more violent outbursts of their early works.
Reflections of dreams about war, death, and decay.

vbr ~176 kbps


Krzysztof Ryszard Wojciechowski said...

shit... this is not ''download friendly''.why you use this?I cant download now...first time was 2/3kb now is ''traffic''.

shity shity ;/

SolitaryEve said...

It works great for me. Fast upload and fast download. I'm not switching because I have about 100 albums in my account now and I need them to be in one place so I can keep track. I've already switched sites 3 or 4 times anyway, because there's always someone who has a problem with every site. I can give you a mirror if you'd like.

SolitaryEve said...

You know what, I'll just switch to Rapidshare from now on. Since you're not the first person to complain about

Krzysztof Ryszard Wojciechowski said...

i find this on rapid and i lisen now... but thx.I prefere Zshere, megaupload but rapid is stil ok.

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