Monday, October 27, 2008

Kauan - Lumikuuro (2007)

This is the debut album from an eclectic Russian band named Kauan. This album incorporates lots of different influences, namely doom metal, black metal, ambient, folk, classical, and you'll even hear the odd sax. Despite the large amount of influences, this album does not feel in the least bit crowded or overly complex, they pulled it off very well, it's quite lo-fi and slow paced, in that sense the dominant characteristic of this album is largely of doom metal. The atmospheres created by the ambient keys, guitars and mix of clean and growled vocals come together very beautifully.

Released on BadMoodMan Music, sub-label of Solitude Productions.


Anton Belov - guitars, vocals, flute, keyboards
Artur Andriasyan - keyboards, vocals
Lubov Mushnikova - violin


1 Alku
2 Aamu Ja Kaste
3 Lumikuuro
4 Savu
5 Koivun Elama
6 Syleilyn Sumu
7 Villiruusu
8 Syleilyn Sumu (Acoustic)

Bitrate - V2

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