Thursday, October 23, 2008

V:28 - Total ReConstruction [2008]

1 V:28 - Desert Generator Hell (7:16)
Remix - Nordvargr*
2 V:28 - Pattern Of The Weak (4:30)
Remix - Beyond Sensory Experience
3 V:28 - Infected By Life (Rmx 33 Rpm LP-version) (3:51)
Remix - Megaptera
4 V:28 - Absolute Nothing (Manes Redux) (5:22)
Remix - Manes
5 V:28 - To Be Detuned (4:45)
Remix - Des Esseintes
6 V:28 - Surrender To Oblivion (Dark Resonance Mix) (6:25)
Remix - Lrz
7 V:28 - When Entropy Is Thwarted (4:58)
Remix - Thrawn Hellspawn
8 V:28 - Solid Structure: Undone (6:38)
Remix - E.P.A. , Shinjuku Thief
9 V:28 - Dead Men's Chior (Remix) (4:34)
Remix - Desiderii Marginis
10 V:28 - Towards The Sun, Swansong (Zero Nothing Remixed) (9:59)
Remix - Origami Galaktika
11 V:28 featuring Coph Nia - All Lined Up (Swans Cover) (5:01)
12 V:28 - One Last Breath (Bleak Cover) (4:37)

Founded on a prophecy about the downfall of humanity and the end of the world, the Norwegian industrial death metal band V:28 set out on a musical journey through a world in turmoil. Their three albums, NonAnthropogenic, SoulSaviour and VioLution released by Vendlus Records, constitute the Total Deconstruction trilogy, where the band dug far into the dark matter of the human mind in search for the ultimate apocalypse. The burning desire to explore new musical territories lead to a multitude of interesting collaborations and approaches within the extreme metal genre. As a result, V:28 has in many ways been a groundbreaking act in their field.

The idea of doing a remix album was spawned at an early stage in the band's existence. Carefully selected artists were invited to use V:28 source material to make their own interpretation of a chosen track. Not only does this release mark the end of the band, but it also showcases the experimental side of the band and much of what has been a great source of inspiration for the cinematic and apocalyptic sound of V:28. - The Total Reconstruction was born!


vbr ~191 kbps

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Thanks a lot, you don´t know who i looking for this cd thanks to you for this cd.
I have the others cd's and only left me this.

Thanks a lot

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