Friday, October 10, 2008

Raventale - Long Passed Days [2008]

1. By a Gnash of Pain (Nostalgia) 09:13
2. Long Passed Days 10:51
3. Up for Horizon (Both Like Birds) 03:27
4. Sunset of the Age (Anathema Cover) 08:25
5. From Time of Black Wells 07:11
6. My Silhouette Is Going Far 05:21
New work from the talented Ukrainian depressive black metal band. This time Raventale demonstrate us a transition to black doom side, still preserving their inimitable atmosphere and melodiousness. Combining fury and coldness of black metal with melancholic loneliness of doom metal, in addition with some elements of ambient, the band rises up on a new level of quality. The beautiful lyrics make the new album "Long Passed Days" more attractive for all lovers of the voluptuous side of black metal.


320 kbps

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Phaedra said...

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Would really like to hear this.


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