Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hekate - Sonnentanz (2000)

1- Der Nibelunge Nôt *
2- To Break A Heart
3- L' Ivresse
4- In Deinem Leben
5- Findhorn
6- Fatherland
7- Dos Kelbl
8- Du Mein Einzig
9- Danse De L' Obscurité
10- Die Sonne Im Geiste
11- Die Gedanken Sind Frei
12- Sonnentanz

* Track 1 was divided into two tracks

This is the first full-lenght album from Hekate, “Sonnentanz”, proves its evolution. The music is sort of a mixture of neo-folk and medieval styles, completed with powerful drumming and use of electronics. Hekate consists of many members and a rich instrumentarium and with several vocalists (male and female), so that the songs are pretty varied. Sometimes it sounds bombastic, with martial drums and trumpets, sometimes fragile and beautiful with female voices and acoustic guitars and strings. Most lyrics are in German, but there are also texts in French, Yiddish and old German. My favourite track is "Du mein einzig", and was my first approach to the sound of Hekate, that was in V.A. Miroque Vol. VI, that i buy some years ago.

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V. R. said...

This album is very good. Thanks!

I just created a blog to post rare neofolk, ritual, experimental and folk music from Portugal. The address is:

I think it may be of interest to you. Several rarities will be posted

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