Sunday, October 26, 2008

HEKATE - Hambach 1848 (1998,Vinyl LP)

1- Bleifeld
2- Heckers Traum
3- Die Gedanken sind frei
4- Trotz alledem
5- Das Bürgerlied
6- Unser die Welt, trotz alledem
7- Gedankenfreiheit

" Hekate was formed in 1993, for the time being as an atonal-project. Hekates first ever performance was in the spring of the same year during an art exhibition at an advanced technical college in Koblenz. Soon there after, a fusion of several stylistic elements into a symbiosis emerged from the strong naturalistic-folkloric relation of each band-member. The music is mainlybased on the use of classical percussions like kettle drums, timpanis, snare- and bass drums and chinese gongs combined with acoustic guitars and middle-aged instruments as e.g. hurdy gurdy. The musical background is completed by use of modern synthesizers. The lyrics are presented by alternating male and female singing in German, English and French- and other tongues such as Latin, Jidish or Middle-Age-German. "

Cover printed on heavy wood. White vinyl. Comes with text booklet and sticker.

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