Friday, October 17, 2008

Grey Force Wakeford - Marble Heart [2008]

1 The Weavers Dream (3:11)
2 1234 (5:06)
3 Vercors (5:13)
4 Marble Heart (4:30)
5 King Solomon's Architects (7:40)
6 Winter Again (4:28)
7 Maritime Passage (7:16)
8 And The Name He Gave Me (1:50)
9 December (7:42)
10 Shadows In The Light (7:32)

Faux-spiritual drone-folk from Nick Grey enters into a very stark contrast with more serious, moody edges from neo-folk pioneer Tony Wakeford, while moments of intense communion between Kris Force and Grey come off as a relief of earth-crying gloom and experimental processes and methods recalling Philip Glass' most divine moments, meeting old school industrial angst à la Throbbing Gristle with a twist of sublime, early Brian Eno.

Force and Grey craft a general climate of neo-classical acoustic technique and chamber music arrangements, meeting up with Wakeford's ownset of aesthetics and conjuring a heart-warming, post-jazzy, epic fusion of the senses. Various clarinets, live vibraphone, antique old piano, creeping blues-garage guitar, voices in chorus, masterfully haunting strings and vocal solos all rejoice in a whole new genre of extremely humble post-industrial musical theatre, replete with up-to-date electronic processing techniques.


vbr ~222 kbps

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