Thursday, October 2, 2008

Za Frûmi - Legends Act 3: Cults [2008]

1 The Cult Of The Great Eye (5:38)
2 The Cult Of The Dragon Maw (3:29)
3 The Cult Of The Ysa Ih (4:05)
4 The Cult Of The Queen Of Heaven (4:06)
5 The Cult Of Nudero (2:04)
6 The Cult Of Mortalis (5:11)
7 The Cult Of Helzichor (5:18)
8 The Cult Of Azoot (2:58)
9 The Cult Of Genohsa (4:18)
10 The Cult Of Maelzeth (2:50)
11 The Blood Cult Of The Nosferatu (8:11)
This album is inspired by the Cults in the world of Za Frûmi. An outstanding album released the same day as Legends act 4 - Orders with murderous, primitive, dark, mystical and breathtaking fantasy music.
This album redifines and reinvent the genre of dark ambient and fantasy music. An obvious candidate for album of the year.


vbr ~194 kbps


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