Friday, October 3, 2008

Liholesie - Boundless Thirst For The Outside [2008]

1.Under A Leaden Sky
2.Boundless Thirst For The Outside
3.In Silence and Despair
5.In Desolate Fields
6.The Eternal Wandering
7.The Swan-song
8.At the Gates
9.Towards New Losses ... Towards Empty Horizons
Transient serenity of the previous album has gone. More Angst, more drums, more thrilling tunes! Go ahead! Beyond horizons! The fourth album of the project LIHOLESIE. More Industrial-Neofolk with barbaric drum patterns but keeping to the previous melodic/lyrical lines this time. Enigmatic, dark, mysterious. Amid debris of a bygone civilization.

320 kbps

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Link has expired. Maybe reupload?

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