Monday, October 27, 2008

Karnnos - Undercurrents And Lost Horizons [2006]

1 Burial Passage Mound (7:09)
2 The Womb Of The Forests (5:14)
3 Where The Gone Return As Wind (3:34)
4 Untitled To Walk At Dawn (3:22)
5 Outermost Oak (2:26)
6 Stone Of Destiny (6:12)
7 Bound Of Fire (2:41)
8 The Well Of Night (2:50)
9 Dark Waters Of The Sidhe (3:10)
10 The Seer Vision (3:17)
11 Undercurrents And Lost Horizons (12:25)

After their brilliant albums ‘Dun Scaith’ and ‘Deatharch Crann’, both released on Cynfeirdd, ‘Undercurrents and lost Horizon’s offers 11 new tracks of darkest soundscapes and folk melodies. An ideal celebration of the longest night of the year, an hallucinated journey through the meanders of sacred and mysterious abysses - a musical revelation of the death-birth-life cycle. Limited and numbered edition of 434 copies in digifile with booklet.


320 kbps

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