Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lacus Somniorum - Tideshaper [2008]

1. Tideshaper
2. An Intangible World
3. Hinterland
4. Beyond All Things Is The Ocean
5. Point Of No Ascent
6. Phasis
7. Sentient Abyss
8. 11°22'N 142°36'E

Splendid collaborative work between Gustaf Hildebrand and Amanda Votta, Lacus Somniorum emerged as a mutual desire to convey a suggestive concept of what lies hidden and unseen by the eyes of modern civilization--beneath the waves in murky chasms, or perhaps in places not anchored within our concept of reality. Airy flutes and choirs hover above sometimes distant, rumbling sound textures, hinting of corroded machinery and unseen presences but also emphasizing a sense of serenity and peace of mind. The underlying concept is not fear of the unknown, but rather of a hidden beauty within those places where none of us will ever venture.

Edition of 1000 copies in fold-out cardboard sleeve.

320 kbps

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Great album, thank you!

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