Thursday, October 2, 2008

Negru Voda/ Third Eye - An Impulse Of Fear / Raudive Experiments (1998)

Negru Voda is Peter Nyström's solo project after the demise of Megaptera.
Third Eye is Magnus Sundström the man behind projects like Des Esseintes and The Protagonist
This is an excellent work in tribal/rhythmic Industrial/Dark Ambient music.

An Impulse Of Fear (NEGRU VODA)
1- Death In Your Eyes
2- Hide Your Face
3- Metal Feedback
4- Tribes Of Cannibals
5- Incinerate
6- Impulse Of Fear
7- Psycho Voodoo Killer (Vodka Remix)
8- The Fourth Coffin

Raudive Experiments (THIRD EYE)
9- Black Friday
10- The Enigma Of Death
11- Lucid Dreams
12- Precognition
13- Hypnagogic State
14- Insomnia

Originally released on cassette by Slaughter Productions (1994). Tracks 7, 8, 13, & 14 are bonus tracks not on the original.


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