Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Schloss Tegal - The Soul Extinguished (1991, LP)

American ambient psychogenic sound project duo consisting of Richard Schneider and Mark Burch (who also recorded as Red Skull). Project officialy started in 1989 with the release of their 1st 7"inch single Procession Of The Dead. They have been called the founders of Dark ambient music genre by some critics. Their name came from a hospital in a castle near Berlin, that served as a psychiatric clinic treating soldiers with art and music therapy.The Castle was destroyed and the patients exterminated during WWII.

A1- The Brides Of Loudun
A2- Immunde Spiritus
A3- Cadaver Obedience
A4- Procession Of The Dead
A5- Autopsy The Animal
B1- The Visitation
B2- Adoration Of Teitan
B3- Godvision
B4- Malefacia

Their works are a mixture of graphical information in the form of audio tapes synthesizers and electronic sound and forensic samples that resemble more of a anthropological film or study rather than music per se. The music is extreme and overpowering psychogenic (psychological/hallucination) sound intrinsic mind movie which is ultra-real and sometimes subliminal and many times not for the weak stomach. The sounds range from dark ambient, experimentral to extreme psychogenic power electronics. Schloss Tegal create what they call hyper-real sound or pshychogenic sound.

Limited edition of 300 copies

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